Libertarians and Conspiracy Theories

Nov 6, 2018 – Dr. Scott Replogle and Linda Rosa

Dr. Scott Replogle and Linda Rosa discuss a libertarian view of conspiracy theories. The audience members make cogent remarks about why small discrepancies in scientific theories and stated “facts” can lead to a deeper understanding of both science and historical truth.

Marijuana and Senior Citizens

Prof. Danielle Fixen – October 25, 2018

A discussion of what we know and don’t know about marijuana and its effects on senior citizens.

Multi-winner voting methods – Part 2

2018-09-27 – Celeste Landry

Celeste Landry discusses voting methods likely to be unfamiliar to American voters. For the most part, Americans are used to “first past the post” (typically, “majority rules”) that cause voters to often choose “the lesser of two evils”. Voters may be surprised to learn there are many other ways to do elections and Celeste discusses a few of them: systems that better reflect what voters want.

Approval Voting

2018-09-20 – Blake Huber

The income tax on wages is unconstitutional

2018-04-05 – Jeff Maehr

Practical Bitcoin

2017-12-28 – Mike Seiler

A presentation and discussion of how to buy and transfer Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

On the Feds’ Hit-List

2017-12-21 – Howard Root

Howard Root describes how he was prosecuted for a crime he did not commit and spent $25 million defending himself successfully

Rise of Bitcoin

2017-12-14 Bill Gibson

The Economics of Medical Services

2017-11-09 – Dr. Scott Replogle, M.D.

Another perspective on government

2017-11-02 – Victor Mitchell

Victor Mitchell (candidate for governor of Colorado) has interesting libertarian views on government and health care.

The Knowledge Illusion

2017-09-28 – Prof Philip Fernbach

Cognitive scientists Steven Sloman and Philip Fernbach argue that we survive and thrive despite our mental shortcomings because we live in a rich community of knowledge.

Alternative view of renewable electricity

2017-08-31 – Betty Gibbs

What’s Wrong With Libertarianism

August 24, 2017 – Gordon Gamm

Power; Lobbying the legislature

2017-08-17 – Frank Atwood

A charming and informative presentation by former U.S. Presidential candidate, Frank Atwood, about how to get political power followed by a discussion of how to shepard legislation through a legislature.


2017-08-10 – Scott Replogle

A wide-ranging and thought-provoking discussion on how people react to authority

the Boulder District Attorney’s Office

Jul 19, 2017 – Sean Finn. ADA

A discussion about the workings of the Boulder, Colorado district attorney’s office. Also some discussion of asset forfeiture, and prosecutorial discretion when voting irregularities is suspected.

The Upside of Inequality: How Good Intentions Undermine the Middle Class.

2017-01-19 – 12:30:00 – Edward Conard

One of the attendees described this session as “Trying to drink from a fire hose.” There were so many wonderful ideas that flowed from Mr. Conard in such a short time that it was difficult simply to absorb it all in such a short time. Fortunately, you can view it here as many times as you’d like.

Kevin Lundberg – Assistant Majority Leader Colorado State Senate

01-05 – 12:30:00 – Kevin Lundberg

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and You

2016-12-22 – 12:30:00 – Larry Sarner

The presentation is an educational one. TIF is much smoke and (funhouse-like) mirrors, masking a fraught scheme teeming with corporate welfare, TABOR evasion, other constitutional violations, Chicago-style local corruption, and generations-long suspension of voter control over taxes and spending. But once explained, it’s easy to understand what it does, who it does it to, and why it is so widely popular with Colorado municipalities and corporate welfare queens.

Mental health, the law, and a libertarian society

2016-12-01 – 12:30:00 – David Remmert

Mental illness and it’s consequences produce a unique challenge in a Libertarian Society. Under what circumstances should someone be compelled to take medication? Should an individual ever be held, against their sill, due to the impression by a mental health professional that they present a danger to themselves or others? Should someone be exonerated of an offense, and under what circumstances, due to mental illness? In summary, how might a Libertarian society manage those unfortunates who are compromised by mental illness? Unique questions that need to be explored in a dialogue by well versed and informed Libertarian thinkers. How might a Libertarian Society address the unique problem of mental illness, diminished capacity, and mandatory treatment while preserving the most basic tenets of our philosophy?

The male/female wage gap and alternatives to government-centric efforts to “close the wage gap.”

2016-11-17 – 12:30:00 – Hadley Heath Manning

Hadley Heath Manning is a senior policy analyst and director of health policy at the Independent Women’s Forum. She frequently comments on health care, entitlements and economic policy, and manages IWF’s health policy projects and publications. Hadley is also the 2017 Tony Blankley Chair for Public Policy and American Exceptionalism at the Steamboat Institute in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

City of Boulder Electrical Grid Municipalization

2016-11-03 – 12:30:00 – Mark Gelband

Marijuana, Ballot Selfies, Term Limits, Early Voting

2016-10-27 – 12:30:00 – Stanley Garnett, DA

Article V Convention & Term Limits

2016-10-06 – 12:30:00 – Bob Berry

Digital Currencies and Classical Monetary Economics; Kittens; Gary Johnson free lunch
The audio of this lunch is quite good. Sadly, the video is out-of-sync with the audio and the video is quite choppy.
A couple of years ago, Bob presented to us his perspectives on Bitcoin. He was, again, a very entertaining and a very dynamic speaker.
He has been retained as a lobbyist by U.S. Term Limits to get Colorado to be another state to join other states in having an Article V convention.
After hearing people who actually know what they are talking about, I have completely changed my position about the possibility of a “runaway convention”.

A personal libertarian view of foreign policy

2016-09-29 – 12:30:00 – Bill Gibson

Gary Johnson rally in Denver; Article V Constitutional Convention; Open forum Bill Gibson, our treasurer, presented his personal views of libertarianism with respect to foreign policy.
This was a powerful and interesting PowerPoint presentation.

Living Wage

2016-09-22 – 12:30:00 – Jeffrey Zax

Jeffrey Zax, Bhagat’s colleague in the CU-Boulder economics department, agrees that raising the minimum wage is bad economics. “Raising the minimum wage is the kind of cosmetic improvement that satisfies many of us who aren’t prepared to think very deeply about what it is we’re doing,” he said.
– – –More about Professor Zax:

Amendment 69 Part 2

2016-09-15 – 13:15:00 – Hadley Manning

Amendment 69 Part 1

2016-09-15 – 12:00:00 – Dr. Scott Replogle M.D.

Space Weather; preparing for CMEs

2016-09-01 – 12:30:00 – Daniel Baker


When All Economics Is Political

2016-08-25 – 12:30:00 – Russell Roberts

The Fight Against a Jobless Economy and a Citizenless Democracy

2016-07-07 – Professor McChesney and Dr. Atkinson

Robert W. McChesney is the Gutgsell Endowed Professor at the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Dr. Robert D. Atkinson is founder and president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF)

Uncovering BOCO bond debt excesses

Oct 8, 2009 – Ralph Shnelvar