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We’d like to be the go-to website for validated libertarian quotes. We have become aware that some of these quotes were never said by the people they are attributed to. We’d like your help in verifying them. What we have found is that the same quotes are repeated and repeated on the Internet with no original source citation. Sometimes when a source citation is given, the source is difficult to find. When we provide a link, it is often to a link to someone who says the citation is something. In other words, use these quotes with caution! Validate if the quote is real even if we give a citation and a link. As the old joke goes

Not everything you read on the Internet is true.
Abraham Lincoln

You can do us (and the users of these quotes) a favor: Please select a random quote for which there is no proper citation of original source and find the source and then email

If you find an original source for a quote, or, you find that someone did not say what they are quoted to have said (e.g. see contrary view links for quotes 5 and 10), or, that the original meaning is different than the apparent meaning, please let know. Of course, if you find a great quote that is not listed here, let us know too!

A quotation at the right moment is like bread to the famished. – Anonymous

The quotes are in no particular order. We broke them up into three groups because our server sometimes timed-out because of the large amount of data being transferred.

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“Fleas are interested in dogs”

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