Bylaws – 2013-05-18

By-Laws of the Libertarian Party of Boulder County

Previous version of LPBC Bylaws can be found here.
Adopted May 8, 2013

 Name and Address
Board of Directors
Duties of Officers
Endorsement of Candidates and Initiatives
Actions Prohibited to the LPBC
Amendments to By-Laws
I.  Name and Address
A. The name of this organization is the Libertarian Party of Boulder County, or LPBC. The LPBC is a Political Party Committee under the Fair Campaign Practices Act, duly registered with the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder’s office. The legal address of the LPBC will be determined by the LPBC Board, reported to the secretary of state, and posted on the LPBC website.
II.  Affiliation
A. The LPBC is affiliated with the Libertarian Party of Colorado
III.  Purpose
A. To promote the election of Libertarian Party candidates and the passage of ballot initiatives that embody the precepts of the libertarianism.
B. To provide forums for dissemination and discussion of libertarian ideals.
C. To provide an environment in which members will be able to grow in their ability to understand, express, and lead others to libertarian ideals.
IV.  Membership
A. There will be three types of memberships in the LPBC. A regular member is anyone registered with the County Clerk and Recorder as affiliated with the Libertarian Party. A contributing member is any regular member who pays dues. An associate member is anyone registered as “unaffiliated” who is a member of the LP at the National level, and who pays LPBC dues.
B. Regular members are entitled to vote at the annual meetings and attend any Board meetings.
C. Contributing members are entitled to hold Board positions, vote at all meetings and receive the LPBC newsletter.
D.Associate members are entitled to vote at all LPBC meetings and receive LPBC newsletters. They are not entitled to hold a board position, be a Libertarian candidate, or vote at State Convention.
V.  Board of Directors
A. The Board of Directors of the LPBC is composed of the following Officers: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to six other positions, for a total of no more than nine members. The Secretary and Treasurer position may be combined out of necessity as determined by the Board. A quorum will be a majority of sitting directors.
B.. The Board shall meet at least once during every Quarter in a public location at a time and place announced at least two weeks before. Board meetings shall be open to all members. More frequent meetings may be scheduled, so long as they are publicized in advance to the members. This can be done via email, the print media press, the LPBC website, or the official newsletter.
C. Once per calendar year, between March 1 and October 31, the Party shall hold an Annual Meeting for the purposes of selecting Board members. The date of the Annual Meeting shall be announced at least 30 days in advance.
D. The Board shall have full powers to conduct all business of the LPBC, including authorizing dues and other fundraising programs as well as the spending of funds belonging to the LPBC. No spending of funds or official action of the LPBC may be undertaken except by:
  1. Passage of a resolution introduced at a scheduled meeting of the Board at which a quorum is present, OR
  2. A vote of Board officers taken by e-mail, where the votes are formally collected by the Chair and saved for a period of one year and made available to any Voting member on request. E-mail votes are only permissible if:
    1. The matter being voted on requires an expenditure of $100 or less and does not involve any changes to the by-laws, or
    2. There is a time deadline involved that makes it impractical to wait until the next scheduled board meeting.
E. Election of Officers of the Board

  1. Officers are elected at the Annual Meeting, by the members of the LPBC for terms of one year, beginning immediately upon adjournment of the Annual Meeting and expiringupon adjournment of the next Annual Meeting. Officers must be Contributing Members.
  2. “None of the above” (NOTA) is recognized as a legitimate candidate for every office, and if NOTA should win, the balloting must be repeated with the lowest vote candidate ineligible.
  3. Elected candidates take office immediately.
  4. A vacant Board position may be filled by an appointee approved by a majority of sitting Board members.
F. An Officer may be removed from office by a resolution passed by 2/3 vote of a quorum at the discretion of the Board if the officer has:

  1. Ceased to be a member of the LPBC or
  2. Substantially and consistently failed to fulfill the responsibilities of their office
VI.  Duties of Officers
A. Chairman
  1. Take a leading role in determining the goals, direction, and plans for the LPBC, including formation of the Board of Directors;
  2. Ensure that the regular activities of the LPBC are announced and reported prior to the next scheduled meeting, and are conducted in a timely, responsible manner that brings credit to the LPBC;
  3. Chair all meetings of the Board;
  4. Prepare and submit a “From the Chair” in each Newsletter edition or web page update.
  5. Prepare an agenda for Board meetings and distribute copies to all Officers;
  6. Act as a contact point for interfacing to other Libertarian Party organizations, affiliates, and political campaigns.
  7. Arrange for compliance with all state requirements, to maintain Party status.
  8. Maintain a libertarian presence in Boulder County

B. Secretary

  1. Prepare a written record of all meetings, which is to be published.
  2. Arrange for each regular board meeting place,
  3. Maintain official records, including Bylaws and Minutes

C. Treasurer

  1. Keep a record of expenditures and incomes
  2. Prepare the Financial Reports required by the State
D. All Officers of the LPBC shall carry out their duties in a libertarian manner with as much personal responsibility as possible.
VII.  Endorsements and Nominations of Candidates and Initiatives
  1. The LPBC may nominate candidates for public office and urge the passage of ballot initiatives and referendums that will or may appear on ballots in a given election anywhere in the County. Such endorsements are to be made public by means of a press release arranged by the Chair or the Chair’s designee, and identified as being solely a LPBC endorsement.
  2. Nominations of candidates and endorsement of ballot initiatives will be performed by simple majority vote of the Regular members present at any Board meeting.
VIII.  Actions Prohibited to the LPBC
The following actions may not be taken by this organization, irrespective of majoritarian support:

  1. Overdrafts of the LPBC bank account;
  2. The borrowing of money at interest, from any source whatsoever. LPBC members may donate money, items, or services for which the Board may vote to reimburse them at original face value at a later date. Receipts for all reimbursed expenses must be submitted to the Secretary or Treasurer.
No other actions are expressly forbidden. Responsible libertarianism is expected to guide all Party actions.
IX.  Amendments to By-Laws
  1. These By-Laws may be amended by a resolution at any regular board meeting, by a two thirds majority vote of the Contributing Members present. Any such amendments must previously have presented at a meeting at least one month prior to the Board meeting at which the amendment is to be approved.
  2. Initial ratification of these By-Laws shall be by three quarters vote of the members present at the November, 2005 Board meeting.