Ballot Issues 2020

2020 Statewide Ballot 

LP PositionDesignationSummary
SupportAmendment 76Assuring that ONLY a citizen may vote
SupportAmendment 77Expansion of gaming in existing gambling towns
OpposeAmendment BRepeals the Gallagher Amendment (tax increase)
SupportAmendment CRelaxing restrictions on charity funding through gaming
OpposeProp EEIncrease tobacco taxes
OpposeProp 113National Popular Vote Compact
OpposeProp 114Re-introduce gray wolves
OpposeProp 115Anti-abortion
SupportProp 116Reduce Income Taxes
OpposeProp 117Statewide TABOR exemption
OpposeProp 118Paid family medical leave

2020 Longmont Ballot

LP PositionDesignationSummary
OpposeQUESTION 3C$80M bond and water rate increase
OpposeQUESTION 3DAmend City Charter to permit property leases of 30 years. The present 20 year limit was written in 1968.

2020 Boulder Ballot

LP PositionDesignationSummary
OpposeBALLOT ISSUE: 2B No Eviction Without Representation
SupportBALLOT ISSUE: 2CPublic Service Company Franchise
OpposeBALLOT ISSUE: 2DUtility Occupation Tax
SupportBALLOT ISSUE: 2EDirect Election of the Mayor
OpposeBALLOT ISSUE: 2FIncrease the number of the Boulder Arts Commissions

2020 Louisville Ballot

OpposeBallot Issue 2ADisposable Bag Tax