Ballot Measures

Statewide ballot measure recommendations can be found here:

 Boulder County and Boulder City
Ballot Measure

# Name Position Reason
Judge Retention Do not retain Judges are retained by the voters almost no matter what. This should not be a lifetime appointment.  You may also wish to consider the recommendations immediately below

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1A Road Mill Levy No This is a tax on property owners when it should be a tax on road users.
1B Open Space No Unnecessary
1C Sustainability Tax No This tax is in of itself unsustainable
1D District Attorney
term limits increase
No We oppose near-perpetual incumabncy
This entrenches the D.A.’s office for too long.
Soda Tax No We don’t need a nanny state to try to control what we as consumers put into our bodies.
4B Museum Tax No Museums should be private.