Mark Gelband – City of Boulder Electrical Grid Municipalization (November 3, 2016 @ 12:30 p.m.)

October 31, 2016 at 6:01 pm

Libertarian Lunch
645 30th Street
Boulder 80303

Audio and video will be recorded and posted to YouTube

You will likely be recorded on both still and video camera
In an email to me Mark wrote:
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Whether you believe man-made climate change or not. Whether you believe that renewables or more fossil fuels are the path to energy independence doesn’t matter. Whether it’s a government regulated monopoly or a local government monopoly, it will still be a monopoly. Boulder is $17M down the road toward municipalization, and the purported “off-ramps” seem like distant, fading blips in the rear view mirror. Using the city’s criteria for success: Democratization, Decarbonization and Decentralization of our energy, the Muni fails on all counts.
As noted above, trading one monopoly for another is nothing close to “democratization.” 17 other states have moved toward some version of “community choice aggregation” – giving individual buyers the power to choose their energy provider, their energy mix. Giving boulder city council reign over our energy is the furthest thing from “decentralization.” Decarbonize? Five years on and $17M later and we are not one step closer to 1 kWH of green energy.

I will discuss the three most salient points today in helping defeat the muni scheme and how they relate to a libertarian approach to governance: 1) pushing hard for deregulation and some version of regional CCA; 2) the failing economics of a muni and individual choice, and how the declining costs to go “off grid” are challenging electric utilities; 3) what matters today – strategic approaches for defeating the muni.

Mark Gelband
Mark spent a decade behind bars back in the day (operating some of South Beach’s hottest nightclubs and restaurants) and traveling the world. He lived and worked on a cattle ranch in Florissant, CO before moving to Boulder and earning his MFA in Writing & Poetics at Naropa. He’s published his writing, taught college English, directed employee communications for two of our states largest employers and is currently building Boulder’s first net-zero shipping container home just up the road. He is an active angel investor who spends as little time with technology as possible. Currently, I am working as the Chief Marketing Officer for, a networked publishing and e-commerce social platform for the world’s creators.
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