Libertarianism 101 & Auction (December 3, 2015 @ 6:30 pm)

November 30, 2015 at 6:49 am

Because of the holiday season, the back room at Carelli’s has been booked for lunch on this date to other parties.

This session of our “lunch” will be at dinnertime (6:30) pm. at Jim Remmert’s house the evening of December 3rd. We will not be having a session at lunchtime!

Jim & Donna Remmert
3815 Lakebriar Drive
Boulder, CO 80304

RSVP no later than December 2 because our generous hosts, Jim and Donna, will be providing pizza and salad.
Please send the RSVP to me ( and I will pass the guest list on to our generous host and hostess.

– – –

Jaime and Ashley have agreed to attend this introduction to libertarianism.

I want to keep this a high level discussion until new members ask to get down into the non-marijuana weeds.

– – –

This will also be a fundraiser for the LPBC. We will be doing an auction some time during the evening. If you have have stuff you want to contribute, please bring it.
I will be bringing … (read more by clicking the “read more” icon a little below and to the right)

A functioning remote control helicopter. Your iPad or android device is the remote!
A digital caliper accurate to 0.001 inches!
A power screwdriver that my wife mistook for a gun when she first saw it. Never used.
A small Bluetooth speaker/mic (not in picture).
A second, brand new and unopened, miniature remote control helicopter (not in picture).
A brand new headphone (not in picture).

20151118_091923 - 600x338

So bring some fun things to the auction and help the Libertarian Party of Boulder County.