Libertarian Lunch: Bitcoins;Constitutions

June 10, 2014 at 7:27 pm

In This Issue From the Chair

Let me introduce a GREAT SPEAKER, Bob Berry.

He will be speaking to us on June 12th about Bitcoins.

I heard him talk to the Republican breakfast a few days ago.  It was a wow talk.  I can assure you, you will really like him.

The talk will likely get technical since Bitcoin is a completely artificial form of money and we will be likely discussing encryption and peer to peer networks and lots of other arcana.  A translator (me!) will be present to translate this stuff into English.

You may also be interested in other things Bob has written about:

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I am also extremely pleased to announce that Thaddeus J. Tecza, will be speaking to us on June 26th.

I met Thaddeus at the State Capitol when he testified against a bill that would have submitted a referendum to the voters to make getting ballot initiatives on the ballot almost impossible.

He will be talking to us what he spoke there: The interplay and differences between the federal constitution and the Colorado constitution.

To give you an idea about how dynamic and interesting a speaker he is, at the hearing the general public is limited to about 3 minutes to talk to the House committee. Mr. Tecza spoke for 15 minutes and kept the House panel (and everyone else) entranced.

I’m going to this lunch just to steal the secret of his charm.

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This week’s topic: Bitcoins