Yes, Virgnia II; Ken Gordon; ISP difficulties, LID; Dumbing down

January 1, 2014 at 1:15 pm

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Yes, Virgnia II

Ken Gordon

ISP difficulties

LID (Local Improvement Districts)

Dumbing down

Yes, Virginia II


Yes, Virginia, there will be a Libertarian Lunch on January 2, 2014.


The Libertarian Party of Boulder County wishes you health, happiness, wealth, and the freedom to enjoy it all.


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Former Colorado Senate Majority Leader Ken Gordon (D) passed away on the night of December 22 of an apparent heart attack. He was 63.


I met Ken Gordon a few times. We were usually on opposite sides of political issues but …


Occasionally we were on the same side. He was, in my estimation, a champion of what Democrats and we typically consider civil liberties.


Whether we were on the same or opposite sides of an issue, Ken was a good man with a deeply held belief that what he was doing would make the world a better place.


Colorado will miss him.


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ISP difficulties


I make it a point to send out a Libertarian Lunch email at least once a week, even it is no more than a “Hey! We’re having lunch!”


If you do not receive at least one each week, PLEASE let me know because it’s a battle between ISPs: Yours and mine.


Basically, some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) monitor each other to see if an excessive amount of spam is being generated by that ISP. Some ISPs think my ISP is generating spam and will bounce back messages (that is, will not accept the email and will not even tell you that you have received suspected emial) that your ISP thinks is spam.


So the two ISPs negotiate and, eventually, they clear up the problem.


But until they do, two things might happen

(1) You will not receive email.

(2) After a while – and without my permission – you will be removed from my email list.


I am trying to resolve this problem. Until it is resolved, please let me know if a week goes by when you have not received email from me.




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Local Improvement Districts (LID)


Over the last 20-years-or-so the Boulder County Commissioners have squandered money meant for road improvements. Now people are being taxed – again – to fix up those roads.


Here is Dan Martin’s (R) take on this:





I am keeping a blog of the Local Improvement District (“LID”) controversy in Boulder County.


Lots of recent changes on it here, including evidence that the Commissars are on the run – taking a defensive stance:


We got ’em scared and the commissioners need to be Recalled for their act of targeted confiscation.


Feel invited to forward the link to others at will.




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Bryan Griffin sends along this link for

Common Core fails to prepare students for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)


So now not only are our students learning political pap, they are not getting a good grounding in non-political math.


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A reminder that our weekly


Libertarian Lunch


645 30th Street

Boulder 80303


will be held this Thursday at 12:30


This week’s topic: Is Santa Claus a libertarian?


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Ralph Shnelvar


Libertarian Party of Boulder County



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