Election integrity advocates are under attack by the Broomfield government – Al Kolwicz

December 20, 2013 at 2:00 pm

Al Kolwicz, the chair of the Colorado Voter Group,  has been an election integrity advocate for  at least the 15  years I have known him. 

This is his reaction to the actions of the Broomfield government.

Dear Commissioners:

  1.  Last night Colorado Voter Group published the following alert:

Election integrity advocates are under attack by the Broomfield government.

It was appalling to watch the heavy-handed, usurpation of authority by the county attorney, the elections director, and the clerk during the Broomfield election.  The two legally appointed canvass board members were stripped of their authority to conduct the recount, and the official watchers were denied access to the records needed for verification of the election.

We must not be so complacent as to ignore this direct threat to liberty. 

Our nation’s Founders and authors of books such as Animal Farm, 1984, and Brave New World warned us; we cannot simply trust government.  We must also watch government and resist every attempt to overstep the boundaries we have set for them.  Broomfield is overstepping these boundaries.

To determine which Broomfield council members stand for the people and which stand for the government, ask what they are doing to support open government and transparent records; or do they endorse and enable a secret government?

  1. You would have been embarrassed to see the way that official public participants were treated during the Broomfield recount.  If the intent was to cover-up facts, and smother public oversight, the election was a success.  Otherwise, it was a grand example of how government is overstepping its authority, to the detriment of the people.
  2. Even now, there are ways to analyze some of the facts – but not all of the facts.  Two possibilities: (1) have the political parties appoint election judges to conduct a thorough examination of the materials, under the direction of the public members of the canvass board, the watchers, and the observers, or (2) release electronic copies of all computer files, and photocopies of all paper records produced for/by this election to the canvass board, watcher, observer members of the public who will be sworn-in as election judges.
  3. There are ways to correct some of the problems, but not all of the problems that might be discovered.  Hence, the best that can be done is to determine the magnitude of any errors.  I cannot be permitted to correct only some of the errors.

We strongly encourage you to use your commission to fully study the requirements for conducting “public elections” including how to treat current screens, reports, and data that includes private information, and how the public can exercise their right to verify their elections.  This is not a simple task, and requires the commitment of commission members to stand up for the rights of the public.  Many of our members have extensive experience serving as canvass board, watcher, and election judge.

Thank you for your consideration.


Al Kolwicz

Colorado Voter Group


2867 Tincup Circle

Boulder, CO 80305



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