Petition for Declaratory Relief 001

December 17, 2013 at 7:35 am

The actual petition can be found here: Petition for Declaratory Relief


Mr. Ralph Shnelvar
Chair, Boulder County Libertarian Party

Dear George,

Attached please find a copy of a Petition for Declaratory Relief that was filed yesterday in the Boulder District Court.
It seeks judicial determination of the eligibility of Cindy Domenico to serve another term as Boulder County Commissioner
under the Term Limits section of the Colorado Constitution.

Please note that I have served you (as well as the chairs of the Boulder County Democratic, Republican and Green parties) because I think each of the political parties are “interested” parties and should have the right to be heard before the Court makes a final determination of the issue.

Please advise me whether you would be willing to voluntarily accept service of the document and thus waive the right
(and need) to have a sheriff personally serve you.

Very truly yours,

Alan Rosenfeld