Reaching Out; Small Arms Treaty; Australia; Reaching In; Well appointed

December 4, 2013 at 9:04 am
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Reaching Out
Small Arms Treaty
Reaching In
Well appointed
Reaching Out
Your Outreach Director (Nathan) and I are busy looking for a venue and focus for a monthly meeting.
Your Secretary (Jim Remmert) has – at least for the first meeting – generously agreed to pick up the tab for some portion of food or drink. We are still working out the details.
Right now we have two venues in mind:
Dark Horse Saloon
About a block west of Carelli’s
Old Chicago
On Ken Pratt in Longmont
We are also looking for a name for the event. Here are two possibilities:
Liberty on Tap
Libertarian Pizza and Free Beer
We’re not sure yet whether this first meeting will be purely social or we will have some sort of agenda. We are going to work with the Libertarian National Campaign Committee for the guidance.
Let me know what you think. (
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The draft of the UN’s Small Arms Treaty:
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Randy Luallin will be be in Australia for four months. He hopes to be joining us on December 5 and will be bringing his friend Steve Bross. See next section.
Let’s give Randy a nice send off.
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Reaching In
Steve Bross wrote to me:
To give you a little more background, Randy and his wife helped me out this past labor day running a booth supporting Represent.Us at the Boulder Creek Festival, getting pledges to support this non-partisan national movement to get big money out of politics and greatly curb corruption in Washington. (An ambitious goal no doubt, but one that I think is within reach.) You may or may not agree with the effort, but whatever the case, it will be an interesting conversation, where my main interest, like Randy said, is in finding ways for people of differing points of view to work together for larger shared interests (whether aligned with or not). In my view, this is our greatest hope as an American people, and I am hopeful for what is possible when we can name our true adversaries and join hands in the name of a brighter future. In my view, no one has to change their opinions one whit – my hope is that we can have a democracy again where all perspectives can be fairly represented.
Let’s give Steve a nice welcome and hearing.
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On being well appointed
Bryan Griffin suggests:
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A reminder that our weekly
Libertarian Lunch
645 30th Street
Boulder 80303
will be held this Thursday at 12:30
This week’s topic: No topic has been selected.
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Ralph Shnelvar
Libertarian Party of Boulder County