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October 28, 2013 at 10:17 am
You may more may not know Evan Ravitz. He is, most definitely not a libertarian. From my perspective he is far Left.
Nonetheless, I count Evan as a friend and often political ally. It was he who got me involved in voting integrity politics.
I know it will be difficult to pick among the Left echo chamber that are the city council candidates in Boulder.
I offer this as information from a trusted friend from from the Left.
Ralph Shnelvar
Chair, Libertarian Party of Boulder County
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Date: Sunday, October 20, 2013, 11:57:15 AM
Subject: Important reason NOT to vote for Macon Cowles for City Council; My picks.
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Folks, sadly, I must recommend a no vote on my former friend and colleague Macon Cowles, because he just told the Camera:
“Congestion is the friend of alternate modes,” he said. “That’s a recognition that in congested corridors people are likely to choose another way to get around because driving becomes untenable.” 3rd paragraph from bottom.
Has Macon, who claims to be a daily cyclist, not noticed that congestion impedes ALL modes, AND endangers cyclists’ lives AND increases pollution (especially affecting cyclists) AND greenhouse gases??
It’s hard to believe a smart man like Macon actually believes his words. Is he merely copying the longest-playing Councilman in recent decades, Spencer Havlick, who I heard say this at least 5 times, on-camera at Council meetings?
Havlick also said the most revealing thing ever about Council. I heard it once:
“Truth is not so important as people’s perception of it.” Council and the City live by it. If the truth hurts, they cover it up by lying with statistics, public relations, etc. They rarely rectify errors, just cover them up.
The city’s policy of intentional congestion is collective punishment, which is illegal under international law and binding on the US, as Macon, a successful lawyer, well knows.
Macon is a punishing person, who swore at mountain bikers: and at me, telling me to “shut the frig up” for emailing some truth about Council’s secrecy.
I’m only enthusiastic about voting for Micah Parkin. I cannot vote for Andrew Shoemaker and Sam Weaver because of their support for the Occupancy Ordinance, which results in 100s or 1000s of empty rooms, and thwarts ALL city goals: affordable housing, decreasing in-commuting, pollution and greenhouse gases, diversity and good relations with students, who are the major victims. I’ll vote for Jonathan Dings because, being on the Human Relations Commission, he brings voice for the downtrodden. Perhaps Mary Young, because she’s honest that the traffic circles, etc. are a danger, especially to cyclists. But I can’t vote for any of the major candidates because they all hew to Boulder’s failed groupthink lines.
Please consider a NO vote on State Referendum AA, which taxes cannabis up to TWICE as much as we voted for in Amendment 44, and up to THIRTY times as much as alcohol. Most people thought they voted to “regulate marijuana like alcohol.” If Boulder’s posturepedic politicians pile on, the tax on pot could be as high as FIFTY times as high as alcohol! (Sales tax is on top of that.)
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Vote the “mock” out of democracy at!
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