Our new website!

October 13, 2013 at 12:10 pm

In This Issue From the Chair

Our new website!

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For years the LPBC has been hobbled with an archaic and custom-built PHP & HTML website that only two people knew how to make work: Dan Kuntz (who generously donated his time) and Ron Thomas (who “temporarily” served as our secretary and de facto webmaster for 4 years).

Ron resigned as secretary after doing yeoman work for those four years.  Thank you, Ron.  Thank you Dan.

But we had a small crisis on our hands. We had a website we would either have to maintain and learn how to use or byte the bullet and move to a modern system.  Ron had recommended WordPress and had even thrown together a tiny demo for the LPBC.

After a bit of research confirming Ron’s recommendation, I settled on WordPress.  I then had to learn it.  Google is my friend.

The site is now up and running.

I do have three requests.

(1) Please take a look at our “quotes page” and see if you can find sources for some of the quotes. Please let me know (ralphs@dos32.com) if you find sources we haven’t found before.  I want this to be the best source of verified and validated libertarian quotes on the planet.

(2) Please make a donation to the LPBC – preferably via http://lpboulder.org/?page_id=132

(3) Like us on FaceBook: http://lpboulder.org/?page_id=132

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A reminder that our weekly

Libertarian Lunch
645 30th Street
Boulder 80303
will be held this Thursday at 12:30

This week’s topic: Organizing a debate/discussion about Boulder electric municipalization.

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Ralph Shnelvar
Libertarian Party of Boulder County

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